Revvo Retail and Display Casters
Revvo offers a wide range of casters for retail displays, store fixtures, carts and racks, providing swivel and fixed (rigid) models in top plate and bolt hole (stem) styles. Options include brakes and directional locks, and depending on the model, threadguards, head seals, expanding plugs, sprung plugs, and round plugs.


Light-Duty Display Caster Range
The 3 Series Revvo light-duty product range is available in load capacities from 65 to 275 lbs. and in four different wheel diameters from 2-1/2" to 5". A wide range of options makes these models ideal for displays, fixtures, carts, and racks.

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1 series w-brake 

Medium-Duty Display Caster Range
The Revvo medium-duty caster range features models with load capacities ranging from 175 to 2,200 lbs. and six different wheel diameters from 3" to 8". The Sovereign Series, available in 4" and 5" wheel diameters with load capacities from 185 to 330 lbs., is an ideal choice for retail casters.

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sovereign brake 


Low-Profile Display Caster Range
For in-store applications requiring a low caster height, Revvo offers a comprehensive range of low-profile casters - including twin-wheel models - with load capacities from 110 to 1,320 lbs. and nine different wheel diameters from 35mm to 5".

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sussex bolt 

Medical and Display Caster Range
Revvo PlasTech, SingleTech, and TwinTech medical casters are often chosen for retail displays because of their attractive design and ergonomic performance. Load capacities range from 176 to 330 lbs., and four different wheel diameters from 3" to 6" are offered. Available in custom colors.

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TravelAid Display Casters
Revvo TravelAid models combine functional performance with attractive design to provide an ideal caster for retail displays. Two wheel diameters of 4-1/2" & 5" with a load capacity of 130 lbs. Available in stem or top-plate models with various fittings. An ergonomic wheel brake features an on-off indicator button.

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UTP Series Adjustable Casters
The Flexello UTP Series caster is a combination twin-wheel swivel caster and leveling foot designed for retail displays requiring periodic rolling and level, stationary positioning. Load capacity of 330 lbs with a wheel diameter of 2-5/8". Constructed of high-impact nylon and available in custom colors.

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utp flexello